Tweet! Imagining futures

BBC series on imagining futures in (digital) world – ideas and drivers

This programme is about ways of imagining the future. It suggests that for many of us, the speed of technological change makes it feel as if the “future is bleeding into the present” and that the future is equated with technology. The definition of progress has become technology.

Among the perspectives voiced are:

  • a sense of technology designing the “places it will take us to” with a corresponding loss of control over choosing our own destination
  • futures-thinking can “foreclose” as new imaginings are pursued and others relegated
  • a claim that “millenials” will be more interested and self-directed in the possibilities afforded by technology
  • urge for us to evaluate and choose the technologies which will enable and include, which open rather than close opportunity
  • myth that things are moving faster, that the future is arriving at a quicker rate
  • we are “opiating ourselves with the future”

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