Read! Adams et al, Anticipation: Technoscience, life, affect, temporality

Anticipation: Technoscience, life, affect, temporality

Vincanne Adams, Michelle Murphy, Adele E Clarke

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This paper aims to “parse anticipation” and contends that anticipation in the present, “tacks back and forth between the past, present and future” comprising multi-dimensions which authorise and legitimise action in the now.

Anticipation is part of what Jackie Orr (2006) calls ‘psychopolitics’, in which states, corporations and military complexes tactically project and distribute fear and anxiety as a means to interpollate and govern subjects.
(Adams et al, 2009, p.249)

Dimensions of anticipation for the authors are: abduction, optimisation, preparation, (preparedness, pre-emption, deferral) and possibility (ratcheting-up, grow, coming soon, being ‘lost’ to the future, value-added). Our anticipation is coloured by discourses of uncertainty, threat and doom.

Neoliberal politics that dismantle government services simultaneously open up the space for new kinds of capitalism: millennial capitalism, disaster capitalism, casino capitalism based on risk, apocalypticism and forecasting doom

The paper is an indictment of neoliberalism, outlining how envisioned futures construct present behaviours and have “affective dimensions”. I like the use of language and the way it reveals how “narratives of promise or threat” are promulgated.

anticipatory regimes have affective dimensions, binding subjects in affective economies of fear, hope, salvation and precariousness oriented temporally toward futures already made ‘real’ in the present