Read! Teacherbot: interventions in automated teaching

Bayne, S. (2015). Teacherbot: interventions in automated teaching. Teaching in Higher Education. 20(4). pp. 455-467.


writing against educational hegemony which privileges the ‘knowing human subject’
(Bayne, 2015, quoting Edwards, 2010)

This paper advocates a critical posthumanist focus on automation and teaching, moving away from the polarities of technological determinism and a ‘mobilization in defense of the human touch’ (Bayne, 2015, quoting Feenberg, 2003). It urges an open, exploratory and imaginative regard as to how automation might constitute pedagogic innovation.

A posthuman analysis is described by Pickering, 2005,

one can try seeing double: seeing the human and the nonhuman at once, without trying to strip either away. This shift in the unit of analysis is the move to a posthumanist perspective

Sociomateriality is posited as a fruitful way of examining how the social and the technical might co-emerge in new ways of teaching and Bayne insists that we should view the human subject as ‘produced by its material and discursive entanglements’. Although this indeed best reflects the human in and of the world as she both fashions it and is fashioned by it, it