Tweet! truthiness, astroturfing, memes and streams

Truthiness, astroturfing, memes and streams. Tools 2 study diffusion of info via social media. @truthyatindiana

Truthy is a research project about the spread of information and misinformation (from astroturf to social bots) in social media.

The aims of the research project OSoMe (pronounced awesome 😦 ) include a wish to understand how social media can be used to change public opinion by the proliferation of misinformation.

Another research goal was to understand how social media can be abused to manipulate public opinion. We were the first group to uncover evidence of systematic, orchestrated, and widely spread misinformation campaigns based on “astroturf” (fake grassroots movements) and social bots. Some social bots are created to deceive and harm social media users. They have been used to infiltrate political discourse, manipulate the stock market, steal personal information, and spread misinformation.

misinformation is incorrect information

disinformation is intentionally incorrect information aiming to deceive and manipulate